Support Tickets and Notifications

We show you how to make an error report or request support for the correct use of our system, as well as reviewing the messages or notifications that we send you to keep you updated about the progress we make and any other details for your knowledge.

This article will be divided into two parts:

  • Part 1. Review of messages in the notification center.

  • Part 2. Put a support ticket to receive help.

Part 1. Review of messages in the notification center.

To read the messages that we send you in the notification center, perform the following procedure:

  1. Enter with your password and password.

2. Once on the dashboard, click on the envelope icon, located at the top right.

3. The new window will open and the messages will be located on the left side of this section.

4. To read the message, click on it.

5. Done, the message has already been opened and you can read it.

Part 2. Put a support ticket to receive help.

To put a support ticket, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the “ Ticket support ” option located at the top right of the dashboard.

2. A form will be opened that you must fill out with your name, surname, email, company name, telephone, the problem that is being presented and the description.

3. Mark the category of the problem. That is, if it has to do with the operation of the APP or with the purchase of the license.

4. It details the situation very well and, if possible, includes a screenshot so that we can help you solve what you need more quickly. To do this, attach the corresponding file by clicking on the “ Choose file ” button.

5. To submit the form, click on the “ Summit ” button

6. Done, you've already put the ticket support.

7. Our team will attend to your request and provide solutions to your problem.

8. We will contact you through the notification center.

As you can see, simple-C is quite simple.

Continue viewing tutorials to learn more, and welcome to our platform.

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