Create Expenses

In this article you will see how to record all those expenses that companies incur when they buy products or services from their suppliers. Also, you will see how to edit or delete the information, once it has been saved in the system.

We will divide this article into four sections or parts:

Part 1. Record of expenses in the Simple-C system.

Part 2. Verification of monthly expenses in the system, and printing by categories.

Part 3. Wrong record editing.

Part 4. Disposal of records.

Part 1: Record of expenses in the Simple-C system

Keep in mind that the system gives you the option to record expenses as Categorized and not categorized depending on their nature.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Enter with your password and password

  1. Click on the Simple-C option located in the options bar to the left of the dashboard.

3. In the drop-down options, select the client's company, their account number and the year the expenses were incurred.

At this point it is very important to have registered a business account.

4. Under the form, click on the first button “ Expenses ”.

5. To start loading the data, check the “ work ” option.

6. Click on the “ Expenses ” tab

7. Records the requested data: date of purchase, name of the supplier, the payment method used, the dollar amount, the last 4 digits of the banking instrument used in this purchase.

8. In case the provider name does not appear in the system database, you can register it by clicking on the link “ Add provider ” located in the upper right part of Provider.

9. Enter the provider name, for example “ Home Depot ” and click the “ add ” button.

10. In the category section, the platform displays several options. Select the one that corresponds. For example, if your client bought stationery, you can select the office expenses option

eleven. Click on the green button to register

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