Profit and Loss Report (P&L)

In this article you will see how to make a profit and loss report on the platform. For this, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter with your password and password

2. Go to the options bar located on the left of the dashboard and click on the Simple-C option

3. Fill out the form with the name of your client's company, the bank account and the year of registration. Click the “ Report ” button

4. Click the “ Profit and loss ” button

5. The system will deliver the report according to the information you have entered on the platform.

This report is generated as a result of previous data loads made on the system. You can review these tutorials for more information:

  • Tutorial how to enter clients on the platform.

  • Tutorial how to record expenses or expenses.

  • Tutorial how to make adjustments and cash payment charges.

6. With Simple-C you make this report in a few minutes under the name of your firm.

7. You can print it by clicking on the green button “ Print ” located at the top right of the report

8. A separate tab will be displayed with a sheet in version “ Print ”. Click on the printer icon at the top right

9. Press the print button.

We do it for you.

As you can see, Simple-C is quite simple.

Continue viewing tutorials to learn more and welcome to our platform

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